Airport of the Month
A monthly look at one Airport's history through postcards

May 2003 - Boring Airport Cards !

Airport postcards aren't all Stratocruisers and Concordes! This month we take a look at possibly the most boring British Airport postcards you will ever see...unless you know different?

Leeds Terminal, Lounge and Bar - Card by Photo Precision no.R1008

Prestwick International Arrivals Hall - Card by Photo Precision no.PT37124

Barra, Scotland Terminal waiting room - card by Rocabarra Ltd.

Gloucester-Staverton Lounge and Bar - Publisher unknown (thank goodness!!). Possibly the only official card of this airport ever produced???

Teesside Airport Departure Hall - Card by Frith no.Z3

Teesside Airport (another gem!) Bar area Card by DVP no117

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