Airport of the Month
A monthly look at one Airport's history through postcards

July 2010 - Newcastle Airport 75th Anniversary Special

(Thanks to Ian Mac, Glen Auld, Michael Dawes, Andy Hutchings, Alan Proudfoot and Jim and Viv Denyer for additional material)

1) Official Opening Day Programme.

2) First known aerial photograph circa 1936 showing original passenger terminal to the right.

3) Main hanger - the new building housing the Newcastle Aviation Academy now stands on this spot.

4) Aerial view of general airport lay out 1950s.

5) General view of main apron on the occasion of the Royal Show 3rd July 1956.

6) BKS Elizabethan outside the old south side terminal during 1964.

7) Work begins on the current terminal 1965 - view looking east.

8) The finished article - a view inside the terminal 1967.

9) Airports frequently issued handbooks in the 'early' years of development. These acted as a source of advertising (giving the airport revenue) and provided information to the general public. They became very collectable! - here we see two from 1975 and 1976.

10) ..... and finally the Airport's three control towers over the ages - the original 1950s ATC block and tower which lasted in service until 1966, followed by the 'new' tower built at the same time as the main passenger terminal (seen here as a backdrop to the terminal frontage extension and the walkway to the Newcastle Airport Metro station), and a superb artist's impression postcard of the new 2008 Control block and ATC tower.

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