Airport of the Month
A monthly look at one Airport's history through postcards

February 2001 - Dublin Airport

DC3 unused - published by Valentines R2069

Viscount 800 EI-AJI (c/n 289) b/u Dublin 1972. unused - published by Margaret Joyce, Dublin

Viscount 700 EI-AFY (c/n 032) b/u in Fort Lauderdale as N7973 in 1977. PU1964 - published by Dollard, Dublin card no 107

DC3 PU 1960 - published by Cardall, Dublin

DC3 unused - published by Valentines, card no.R4519

F-27 EI-AKB (c/n 10106) now D-BAKO and is a fire trainer at Vasteras, Sweden. unused - publisher unknown (set of 14 Dublin views)

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