Airline of the Month
A monthly look at one airline's history through postcards

July 2001 - SABENA

CV.240 OO-AWR (c/n 155) sold to LOT as SPLPB - cr.1958 nr.Warsaw

BR.170 reg.unknown operated by Sabena/Air Charter - published by VOG no.6051 PU1950

DC-4 OO-CBF (c/n 42933) Built 1946 wfu Ndjili

DC-4 OO-CBI (c/n 43096) Built 1947 wfu Kinshasa

CV.240-12 OO-AWQ (c/n 154) bought 25/3/49 w/o 14/10/53 after take off Nr Moenchswald

DC-4 OO-CBD (c/n 42906) Built 1946 wfu Ndolo

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